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Child Development and Parent Consulting

Thank you for considering me to support you in your parenting journey! 

I love the work I do. I love working with educators and parents to help them understand how they can confidently create thriving environments to help their little ones thrive. 

As an educator, I have in-depth knowledge of child development, trauma-informed, and inclusive approaches. Connection is at the heart and foundation of all I do. As a parent, who has had to navigate raising young children through all the BS of the last hand full of years, I can relate to current parent struggles and can support parents on how to advocate for their little ones who may be having a tough time at daycare or school. 

With these two perspectives, I take an integrated approach in all my work.

Here is how I can help

  • I can provide you with a child development consultation to better understand your child's development. 
  • Based on your individual needs and your child's needs, I can provide you with guidance, tools, and strategies on how to best support your child's development.
  • I can help you build confidence as a parent and as a coach for your own child.
  • If your child is struggling in a childcare program or in school I can teach you how to advocate for your child and champion your child.
  • If your child needs extra support but you have no idea how to get the help I can provide evidence-based resources for you to access and guide you to the right professionals to seek more specialized support for your child. 

Parent Testimonials

"I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Ana, a child development specialist, and I must say, it was an incredibly insightful and uplifting experience. As a parent, I have often found myself struggling to navigate the challenges that come with raising a child in a compassionate way that encourages them to thrive in the world, and navigate challenges themselves. I want to be a respectful and conscious parent, but sometimes struggle with the “how". However, Ana's guidance and expertise have truly made a positive impact on my approach as a mother.

During our call, I opened up about my difficulties and concerns, and Ana listened attentively, offering invaluable support every step of the way. What struck me the most was her unique perspective on meltdowns and how to effectively handle them. She introduced me to a fresh way of thinking about these moments and provided practical strategies that I believe will make me a more confident and compassionate parent (not to mention, make those meltdowns easier to navigate).

One key lesson I took away from our conversation was the understanding that young children are not yet capable of reasoning like adults. Ana emphasized the importance of teaching them these skills gradually, and this really clicked for me. It made me realize the significance of being present in my child's life and nurturing their growth with patience and understanding.

Furthermore, Ana encouraged me to establish and maintain important boundaries with my daughter. This guidance empowered me to set healthy limits while still fostering a loving and supportive environment. I genuinely feel equipped with the knowledge and tools to be a better parent to my 5-year-old daughter.

Overall, my experience with Ana was nothing short of exceptional. Her warmth, expertise, and genuine desire to help parents like me create a positive impact on their children's lives were evident throughout our conversation. I am grateful for the valuable insights I gained and would wholeheartedly recommend Ana to anyone seeking guidance on child development and parenting."

- Lisa M (mom)

“Before my call with Ana I was struggling with ways to help my toddler, and myself, through big feelings. While chatting with her for only 20 mins she gave me 3 tools and 1 trusted process to work on with my daughter before during and after meltdowns. It was so helpful! I’m now excited for the next wave to try these tools and to connect even deeper with my kiddo. Thank you Ana!! You’re an expert I trust and look up to. I can’t wait to learn more from you!”

- Taylor A (mom)

"I to say, AGAIN, that your call with me was SO helpful. (A) is using all these tools on her own now and it’s so great when she’s having big emotions. She asks for us to call her “tough cookie” and to “wipe her tears” and have “a great big hug” and her “teddy”. It’s been so rewarding to see her work through her emotions and share them with us and create her own toolkit to use! THANK YOU! When are you taking more consulting calls and having the feelings folder?? LOL"

- Taylor A (mom)

Overview Of Services

Service Type

Who It's For

How To Learn More

One-time Consultation

Suitable for parents who have questions and need some guidance about what to do next to support their child's development.

One-on-One Coaching/Consulting

Suitable for parents who have specific goals and want individualized parenting support.

Group Coaching

Suitable for parents who want to go through a guided program and access a private community.

Early Childhood Workshops & Webinars Topics

The workshops I present for parents are underpinned with a deep level of understanding (as I am a parent of little ones as well) and non-judgement. I choose attachment, love, and encouragement to connect with parents. I provide parents with perspectives on child development and how to support children through understanding behaviour, big emotions and the "tough stuff" that impacts children. 

  • Helping Your Child Thrive Through Life Transitions and "Tough Stuff"
  • From Surviving to Thriving: Understanding Big Emotions and Behaviours 
  • Gradual Entry into Group Care: Support, Success and Expectations for Parents
  • It's the Small Stuff that Matters: Supporting Child Development in Every Day Interactions
  • Helping Children Thrive Through the Transition to Kindergarten
  • Protecting Your Little People Inside and Outside the Home
  • Advocating for Your Child at Day Care, Preschool and/or Primary School
  • Gentle Parenting is Not Permissive Parenting: Finding the Right Balance

Don't see what you are looking for? Contact me about creating a customized workshop topic for the parents in your community!