Workshops & Public Speaking

Thank you for considering me to speak at your next event!

Over the years I have presented hundreds of Early Childhood related workshops across North America to parents, ECE organizations, school districts, child care programs and to thousands of Early Childhood Educators. 

I am available to deliver workshops to groups of ECEs or parents online or in person.

I am also available to speak at conferences as a keynote speaker and/or workshop facilitator if that's what you are looking for.


I love speaking to big and small groups. Here is a list of some of the conferences where I have been invited to speak:

  • Professional Learning Symposium- October 2023 hosted by The Halton Resource Connection.
  • Early Learning Summer Institute: Exploring and Uncovering the Layers of Play In-person August 2023 hosted by the Central Okanagan School District and Childhood Connections.
  • CNC Growing Strong Communities virtual conference - Feb 2023 hosted by CMAS Supporting the settlement of young immigrant and refugee children & the Toronto School Board District.
  • Child Heart of the Matter In-person Conference - Feb 2023 hosted by Options Child Care Resource Center.
  • Reignite Your Passion In-person Conference - May 2022 hosted by the Manitoba Child Care Association.
  • Making Tomorrow Virtual Conference - April 2021 & 2022 hosted by the Vancouver Island Cooperative Preschool Association.
  • The Kamloops Thompson Teachers Association Virtual Conference - April 2021 & 2022 hosted by the Kamloops Thompson Teachers Association.

Workshop Clients

I have provided professional development to many childcare programs, school districts and Early Years Organizations since 2016, here are just a few:

  • Child Care Resource and Referral Programs in BC
  • School districts across BC
  • Early Intervention Programs in BC
  • Provincial Child Care Associations in Manitoba and Prince Edward Island
  • YMCAs in BC, ON, & SK
  • Immigrant Services such as AMSSA in BC and CMAS in Ontario
  • Family Resource Programs of BC
  • Neighbourhood Houses & Community Centres in BC
  • Parent Participation Preschools in BC

About My Topics

Below you will find a variety of workshop topics and titles that can be presented separately or in a community of practice, over sessions or in a course. 

Over the years I have been contracted to create customized workshops, and my list has grown. You may note that speak on a wide range of topics. The reason for this is because of my diverse experience in the early years field.

Regardless of the topic, what roots all my workshops is my desire to support educators and parents to help children thrive using child development and brain integration strategies.

ECE workshops include certificates which may be counted towards ECE professional development hours. 

Take a look below, If you can't find what you are looking for here, feel free to reach out to me and we can chat more about creating a workshop that works for you. If you see a topic that interests you, contact me and I will get you a more detailed description!

Professional Development Workshop Topics for Educators

Leadership Training and Promoting Excellence in Early Childhood Education:

  • NEW: Empowering Leadership and Innovation Through Creating and Facilitating Workshops
  • NEW: Cultivating Creativity: Unlocking the Potential of Early Childhood Educators Through Creative Endeavours
  • NEW: Strategies for Building Stronger Team Connections, Cohesion and Collaboration

Supporting and Working with All Children and Families (Inclusive and Trauma-Informed Approaches):

  • NEW: Letting Children Feel, Think and Problem Solve
  • NEW: Building Resilient Learners through Targeted Emotional Support Strategies
  • Trauma-Informed Care in ECE
  • Supporting "Challenging Behaviours" Through Relationship-based Guidance Strategies
  • Supporting Newcomers Children and Families in Early Childhood Settings
  • Diversity and Cultural Awareness Training for ECEs 
  • Intuitive Approaches to Practice: Integrating Care and Education
  • Helping Children Thrive Through Life Transitions and "Tough Stuff"
  • NEW: A Gradual Entry Game Plan: Support and Expectations for Parents
  • NEW: Protecting Little People (3-part series for child, educator and parents)

Curriculum Development and Pedagogical Documentation (Emergent and Ethical):

  • NEW: Unleashing the Power of Children's Interests Through Documentation
  • Making the Most of Play and Curriculum: "See, Think, Do" 
  • Transitioning Out of Theme-based Curriculum
  • Exploring Aesthetics and the Environment as the Third Teacher
  • NEW: Enhancing Observation and Pedagogical Documentation Skills
  • NEW: Navigating Holidays with Critical Thinking
  • Creating Curriculum with Kindness and Empathy
  • Anti-bias Perspectives and Curriculum in ECE
  • NEW: Creating a Growth Mindset Curriculum for Young Children
  • Rethinking Childhood Interactions in Natural Spaces

Play Pedagogies, Strengthening Play-Based Learning (Working on Our Play Skills):

  • NEW: Playful Pathways: Nurturing Child Development and Learning Through play
  • NEW: A Trauma-informed Approach to Honoring Play
  • Making the Most of Play: How to be a Play Partner
  • Play Partnering Outside of Your Comfort Zone: Honouring All Types of Play 
  • Exploring Pathways to Play and Stages of Play with Infants/Toddlers and Preschool Age Children
  • Enhancing Play Relationships & Pro-social Learning
  • Exploring Our Image of the Child, Educator, and Learning
  • Growing Gardens with Young Children
  • Cultivating Exploration and Self Expression

Educator, Caregiver and Team-focused (Working on Ourselves- Educator focused):

  • NEW: Supporting Emotional and Mental Health Strategies in ECE
  • Educator Capacity Building: Enhancing Inclusive Environments 
  • Creating a Growth Mindset for Educators
  • Exploring Emotional Competence with Educators 
  • Self-Care Strategies & Nurturing Wellness in Educators
  • Advocacy & Qualities of Professional Educators
  • Exploring the Ethics of Using Screens and Technology in Childhood

The BC Early Learning Framework (Individual Workshops or Community of Practice):

  • Exploring the Revisions, Vision and Principles
  • Exploring the Living Inquiries
  • Exploring the Pedagogical Narration Process

Current Workshop Topics on Parenting and for Parents

The workshops I present for parents are underpinned with a deep level of understanding (as I am a parent of little ones as well) and non-judgement. I choose attachment, love, and encouragement to connect with parents. I provide parents with perspectives on child development and how to support children through understanding behaviour, big emotions and the "tough stuff" that impacts children. 

  • Gentle Parenting is Not Permissive Parenting: Finding the Right Balance
  • From Surviving to Thriving: Understanding Big Emotions and Behaviours
  • Gradual Entry into Group Care: Support, Success and Expectations for Parents
  • It's the Small Stuff that Matters: Supporting Child Development in Every Day Interactions
  • Helping Children Thrive Through the Transition to Kindergarten
  • Protecting Your Little People Inside and Outside the Home
  • Advocating for Your Child at Day Care, Preschool and/or Primary School

Don't see what you are looking for? Contact me about creating a customized workshop topic for the parents in your community!

Want me hire me to speak at your event or facilitate a professional development workshop?