Services For Educators

Educational Consulting

Thank you for considering me to help you develop your educational content and speaking skills!

For educational consulting, I can work with individuals or groups.

I can work with larger organizations that need guidance outlining and creating their own training programs (educator onboarding, educator growth mindset training). 

I can also work with organizations that want to create their own workshops and workshop facilitators (within their organization) to support their educators with accessing professional development (or learning library) that is tailored to the organization's vision, mission, and values. 

Here is how I can help:

  • I can provide you with practical tools, templates, outlines, and strategies for creating learning material (workshops, webinars, online courses).
  • I can help you organize your content with focus and clarity.
  • I can help you gain confidence as a public speaker (online or in-person).
  • I can help you feel more comfortable on camera and recording your content online.
  • I can support you create your own online summit, learning library and onboard training.
  • I can teach you group management skills for when you are managing a group session.
  • I can coach you on how to get hired as a facilitator, network and attract new clients.

Additional things I can help with:

  • I can teach you how to attract participants into your workshop (marketing).
  • I can teach you the back end of running online training (attendance, record keeping, etc).

Overview Of Services

Service Type

Who It's For

How To Learn More

One-time Consultation

Suitable for clients (individuals and organizations) who already have some experience creating and facilitating but need some guidance to develop their facilitation skills, content or network.

One-on-One Coaching/Consulting

Suitable for clients (individuals and organizations) who want to create and facilitate workshops, programs, and online courses.

Group Workshop Facilitator Training

Suitable for organizations who want this training for a staff team. Suitable for individuals who want to learn to create and facilitate workshops through a guided training program. 

ECE Workshops & Training

If you are looking for a speaker for your next ECE event please note that I love providing live in-person and online training for educators and have been doing so for many years with amazing reviews (you can browse my workshop topics here). 

For educators who are looking for ECE Professional Development Workshops head to the Early Years Thriving website to see what we have available. 

We often host live online workshops, webinars, and summits and we have a large library of self-paced workshops.

If you like self-paced workshops you might want to consider joining our annual subscription. If you join our annual subscription before June 2023 you get a ticket to our next online summit and you get access to the recordings from the summit for a year!

With the annual subscription, you get access to over 20 hours of professional development with 10 + hours added each year.